About Us

The Brand

Kronos is a brand new technology that fully removes harmful allergens, bacteria, viruses (including the flu), and even gases from your breathing space! This revolutionary product far outperforms the outdated 1940’s technology of a HEPA filter, and eliminates the shortcomings of any other air purifier on the market. Kronos operates SILENTLY using nanotechnology to remove 100% of pollutants in a 400sq foot room, and replenishes the room with pure, clean, air every 15 minutes! Air pollution is a growing worldwide epidemic and people are spending considerably more time indoors. What you may not know is that indoor air is often 4 times more polluted than outdoor air so make sure the whole family is protected. With Kronos , you can breathe with confidence by day, and ensure piece of mind at night with quality, restful sleep.


Kronos Solution

Indoor Air Quality was a passion that united the two to develop a product that could live up to the hype and outperform the competitive with the claims that they make. They noticed that old competitors claimed to be silent- but that could only be somewhat effective when pushed to the limits, and that included an introducing large fans. They knew a better product could be made – that not only eliminated the use of fans completely- but also could operate more effectively reducing harmful particles from the air at a faster rate.

Kronos technology, has been working to perfect a better air cleaning system for more than a decade. Our goal is to provide a way for you and your loved ones to Breathe with Confidence! Our two founders were working different aspects of air purification when they met more than a decade ago.

Kronos Invention

Inventor Stan Weinberg, a holder of many patents for camera electronics, had built a battery-powered personal air purifier that hangs like a necklace just below the breathing zone to repel pollen, smoke and other pollutants. This device came to public attention through an exposé TV show that, in this case, was impressed by a product they initially planned to debunk.

Weinberg’s air protection solutions became very popular in Asia where avian influenza (bird flu) and SARS heightened the public and governmental awareness of airborne hazards.

Marc Kloner, became a pioneer in selling marketing air purifiers after running a successful healthcare practice management company, and even worked with Carl Sagan’s team at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab on the Viking and Voyager projects.


A publicly traded company on OTC markets under the symbol KNOS

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