What is the AirDoge?

On February 5, 2021 Due to the overwhelming support from the dogecoin community, Kronos decided to manufacture one thousand Model 5 AirDog purifiers rebranded as AIRDOGE.

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On April 14th 2021 the company began assembly of the rebranded model 5 units and allowed for Dogecoin to be a method of payment.

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Dogecoin Miner Patent?

On February 9th 2021 Kronos Advanced technologies filed for a provisional patent for a new type of air purification device with a built in dogecoin mining rig. The patent came after the announcement for the rebranding of the device.

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When will I get my Airdoge?

The company announced that the limited edition Airdoge would ship in the late summer of 2021. However, the company started shipping them out on the first week of August 2021! If you preordered, you should have gotten an email with your tracking number.

Is it supposed to mine?

The rebranded item was never intended to mine however due to the excitement of the patent, the company outsourced the development of the miner to BOTS inc.

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Where is my miner?

Great question! Due to the delicate nature of the miner, the miners will be shipped separately from the air purifier to protect it. Each miner is personally built with custom information for each customer. Each miner will be shipped individually, and customers will receive a separate email with tracking information and installation instructions. Miners will be shipped out once all the preorders have been sent out.

Miner  – FAQ

My AirDOGE Miner is hot, how do I cool it down?

A.) The AirDOGE was designed to run headless and be placed on top of the AirDOGE 5G Home air purifier, this will keep the temperature of the mining unit lower and will yield better computing results.

I don’t see my miner as “active” on aikapool, is it mining?

A.) Yes! Some pools won’t even list the worker until a share is submitted (i.e. you mine dogecoin). It is still working however it won’t show active until your mining yields dogecoin.

I don’t see any stats on Aikapool, is my miner connected?

A.) Yes, your miner has been checked & double checked to verify that it is connected to the pool. Aikapool will only show the miner stats until it mines DOGE.

How long will it take to mine DOGEcoin with the first generation AirDoge miner?

A.) Depends. Dogecoin uses a variant of the Proof-of-Work algorithm whereby miners compete over verifying transactions in ‘blocks’. Each block rewards 10,000 DOGE, with 1 block mined every minute. A mining pool incorporates all of its members’ power to give itself a better chance of successful mining, rewarding miners based on the proportion of power contributed.

Many of these pools engage in merged mining, often simultaneously mining for Litecoin. As Dogecoin is a fork of Luckycoin, an altcoin previously forked from Litecoin, it shares the same Scrypt algorithm used for mining. How long to mine 1 Dogecoin? It is impossible to mine just 1 Dogecoin, as each block has a fixed reward of 10,000 DOGE.

To mine just 1 DOGE as part of a mining pool, you would need to contribute at least 0.01% (possibly more depending on fees) of the total hash rate of other people in the pool.

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